Intelligent Frontier, Gathering in Brazil-Brazil International Hotel Supplies Exhibition 2011


With the strategic expansion of overseas markets, the Savekey brand's high-tech smart products have gone further and further, following the French smart device exhibition, they have embarked on the Latin American road. On June 6, 2011, Savekey displayed its unique brand image and innovative smart technology products in the Sao Paulo Pavilion, attracting the attention of countless powerful buyers from all over the world. The hotel supplies exhibition is held by Fispal, known as the only and most professional and trustworthy company in Latin America, and provides opportunities to showcase innovative products for major global brands.

        On June 9th, the "International Hotel Supplies Exhibition" came to a successful conclusion. This time, through the door of the Latin American market, Savekey's brand image can be further penetrated to all parts of the world and move forward in sync with the world!