Smart AC ControlBlack-glass
Smart AC Control

Networked touch temperature controller (European standard)

Working parameters

1. AC100 ~ 240V 50 / 60Hz power supply, zero fire access 2, 12V power supply, only limited to protocol air conditioning VRV and infrared air conditioning control

Control type

Agreement air conditioning (VRV), water machine air conditioning (fan coil), infrared air conditioning, water floor heating, infrared audio-visual equipment. Note: air conditioning and floor heating can share one temperature control switch

Networking mode

Wired RS485, wireless WiFi

Touch screen type

LCD screen

12V external power supply


Working mode

Air conditioning refrigeration, air conditioning heating, air conditioning supply, air conditioning dehumidification, air conditioning constant temperature, floor heating, fast heating mode (air conditioning heating and floor heating work at the same time)

Key feedback


Temperature detection

Sub panel detection and external temperature sensor detection

Dry contact scenario

Two dry contact input detection, with two trigger scenarios

Infrared control

Can control infrared equipment (such as: air conditioning, video)

Working humidity


working temperature

-10℃~ +50℃

Installation requirements of bottom box

86x86mm, depth 50mm

Frame material

Arc aluminum alloy frame (dark gray) + magnetic glass (carving)